Authentic Manhood about being true to yourself and to the man God created you to be. It means finding strength in living authentically and then extending that strength to others. It means understanding who you are and how to influence the world for Christ by rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, and investing eternally.We believe that men are called to love God and to display godly character within all their spheres of influence: family, workplace, community, and church. IT'S NOT EASY, but nothing God ever asked anyone to do in the Bible was easy. We shouldn't expect anything less of ourselves. We need to FIGHT for what matters and what matters is knowing God and knowing our purpose. Check out our various opportunities for Mentorship, Spiritual Growth, Leadership Development, and ADVENTURE!

Petra Men Adventure

In addition to our mentorship, spiritual growth and leadership development opportunities, Petra Men offers adventure which includes a winter and summer Guys' Night Out, Spring and Fall Backpacking Trips, a Cruise In and much more!

Monthly Men's Breakfast

The 3rd Saturday of each month, all men ages 13 and up are invited to our monthly Men's Breakfast at Shady Maple Garden Room at  7 a.m. Each month we feature one of the men from Petra to share his story. It is a buffet breakfast, or you can order off the menu. We typically take a break in January and August.




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