Empowered, Winter Churchwide Sermon Series

Begins February 4 – March 10

Jesus called us to be disciples who make disciples. Sometimes, that means raising children in the ways of the Lord. Sometimes, it means serving in an area of need in your community. And sometimes, it means sharing your faith with others. Being a disciple means walking in the ways of Jesus as you receive life from him. And being a disciple maker means sharing the life of Jesus with others so they can walk in his ways as well.

Over this six-week series, we’ll talk about how the Holy Spirit equips us with his power and gifts. As we learn to depend on the Holy Spirit, we’ll also learn how to identify specific people God is calling us to reach. We will discover how to use our feet to go after the lost, how to use our hands to meet needs with God’s blessings, and how to use our mouths to speak the truth in love. God is building his kingdom, and he has equipped each of us with the overflow of his powerful love. Just as we’ve freely received, we freely give.

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Week 1: Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Jesus called us to be disciples who make disciples, but we do it in partnership with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Week 2: Generous Love
As love pours out of us, sometimes we invest in those around us, and sometimes we focus our energy on specific people God has called each of us to reach.

Week 3: GO
The gospel often demands that we leave home base and go out on a mission. What does it look like to live in a posture of readiness to share Jesus’ life with others?

Week 4: Sharing Good News
Disciples use their mouths to speak well of their king and to invite others into his generous ways.

Week 5: Heal, Raise, Cleanse, Drive
It requires wisdom and partnership with the Holy Spirit to build his kingdom in the specific ways that each day requires. We have spiritual authority over evil and darkness. We pray to the God of life and healing. We seek justice and peace on the earth.

Week 6: Gifts of the Spirit
Because God does everything in community, he gives each of us spiritual gifts that require us to depend on each other and serve each other.


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