What typically happens in discussion groups?

Discussion groups typically meet weekly in homes, discuss the sermon, pray and worship together, read the Bible, and share life experiences with each other.

What is involved in hosting a group?

Petra Church emails you weekly content to make it easy for you and your group to interact.

You decide who you want to invite; where and when you want to meet together.

How do I form a group with my friends?

Step 1. Simply sign up to receive weekly emails.

Step 2. Start inviting your friends to your group.

Is my group open to the public?

Only if you want it to be.  If you'd like help getting other people to join your group, please click here to email us your group details (see the Get Started section below).

Additional help

For more information and training for new leaders, join for our New Leader Meeting lunch. More details available when the lunch is scheduled. 

Get Started

Email the following information to

WHEN do you want your group to meet? (include a 1st and 2nd option)

WHERE do you want to meet and how many can fit?

WHO do you want to invite?  5-15 people are suggested. 

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