What typically happens in discussion groups?

Discussion groups typically meet weekly in homes, coffee shops or lunchrooms. Each participant reads the FREEDOM Workbook on their own, then comes together to share their life experiences, what they are learning, and how to apply these truths to their lives. Groups are also encouraged to take time to worship together, pray for each other, and read the Bible. 

What is involved in hosting a group?

A group host doesn’t need to know all the answers or be a spiritual superstar. Hosts simply guide the group’s “life application conversations.” Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter of the workbook. Additional content is also provided weekly by Petra Small Groups Ministry to help make hosting user friendly.

How do I form a group with my friends?

You decide who you want to invite; where and when you want to meet together.

Step 1. Simply sign up to receive weekly emails from Petra.

Step 2. Start inviting your friends to your group.

Is my group open to the public?

Only if you want it to be. If you'd like help getting other people to join your group, you can start a conversation with Pastor Matt Kauffman. Ask him any question, or simply email the following information to get started.


Getting Started

Email the following information to 

  • WHEN do you want your group to meet: Day & Time?

  • WHERE do you want to meet and how many can fit?

  • WHO do you want to invite?  5-10 people are suggested. 
Additional Help

To help you successfully launch your “private” or “open” FREEDOM group, join our FREEDOM LAUNCH meeting in the Oasis on January 23rd. We will be dismissing people after worship in both the 1st service and the 2nd service that day (Meeting times: 9:35-10:15 and 11:35-12:15). Register here!

Where can I pick up a FREEDOM Workbook?

You can pick up the FREEDOM Workbook (and FREEDOM Scripture pamphlet) at the FREEDOM table or Resource Hub in the Atrium.



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