WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR WHAT MATTERS! What matters? Knowing God and Knowing Your Purpose. The Men of Iron STRONG27 mentorship experience does just that by providing balance and spiritual growth in your faith, family, friends, fitness & finances through strategic mentorships. We believe that mentorships are most effective through a 1-to-1 or micro group setting and that there is a greater success in mentorships when a Protégé asks a man to mentor him or a Mentor invites a man to be his Protégé. If you desire to be a Mentor or a Protege check out the these videos.


The Strong27™ mentorship experience is when a mentor and protege meet face-to-face to experience accountability, balance and spiritual growth. Whether it is 1-to-1 or a Micro-Group, face-to-face mentorships provide the best opportunity to KNOW GOD, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE and KNOW EACH OTHER. This is a 12-month commitment and Mentors and Proteges meet twice per month at a place and time that works for their schedules. If you have any questions please contact the PETRA STRONG27™ Director Paul Leininger at   . 

Each Mentor and Protege will purchase a STRONG27 Package that includes a Mentorship Guide, and the 20 Lessons Book Series for your Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances; 100 strong lessons in total. Each Mentor and Protege will also receive a subscription to MEN OR IRON+. This digital platform includes 7, 10, and 30 -Day challenges and additional resources to build on your mentorship and brotherhood within STRONG27. The cost is $95 for each Mentor and each Protégé. In addition, there will also be Quarterly Huddles throughout the year, and a Celebrate the Wins Event at the end of the 12 months.


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