Connecting the women of Petra through mentoring relationships for a specific time frame and with a specific focus in order to help the mentee grow spiritually and reach toward her God-given potential! As our team facilitates these mentoring relationships, we desire to provide each mentor support, encouragement, and resources throughout their mentoring journey.


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What's the process if I feel called into a mentoring relationship?

STEP 1) Complete the Mentor or Mentee Application below. This will give us details regarding the mentor or mentee’s walk with the Lord, what the mentee desires to focus on during the mentoring relationship, the availability of the mentor or mentee, and how long the mentor or mentee would like the formal mentoring relationship to last. 

Mentor ApplicationMentee Application

STEP 2) Once the application is submitted and the mentor or mentee is approved, our team will prayerfully work toward matching a mentor and mentee. NOTE: This process may take days, weeks, or even months since we desire that these matches are not just thrown together but, instead, matches that are prayerfully considered and led by the Holy Spirit. 

What do mentoring sessions look like?

During the first meeting, we request that both the mentor and mentee review and sign the “Mentor/Mentee Agreement Form” below. This first meeting will center around getting to know each other as you discuss the mentee's goals or focus points. You should also discuss logistics, like how long you commit to meeting together and when you plan to meet. These mentoring relationships can begin at any point throughout the year and can last for varying time frames depending on the desires of the mentor and mentee.

Mentor/Mentee Agreement Form

It's up to the mentor and mentee to decide how they want to spend their time together. You can go through a book or Bible Study and discuss it during your sessions together. Here is a Resource List for suggested Bible Studies and books for this kind of ministry.

Or maybe a book or study doesn’t feel like the right fit, and instead, your time will focus on organically sharing life, praying, and studying the Bible together. Whatever you choose, we hope the time you spend together is focused on encouraging the mentee in their relationship with God and who he is calling them to be. Mentors don’t need to have all the answers. They simply need a desire to listen to their mentee and the Holy Spirit as they continuously point their mentee to Jesus.

Important Note:
Mentors and Mentees always have the freedom to decline a mentoring match. Even after a mentoring relationship has begun, the mentor and mentee are always free to reach out to Tina Martin or Pastor Sharon Zimmerman if they want to withdraw from the formal mentoring relationship. If God brings someone specific to mind that you feel him calling you to reach out to as a mentor or mentee, let us know, and we can still walk with you and offer support as you enter the mentoring journey.

If you have any other questions before completing the application, please contact Tina Martin


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