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The Blame Game

by Joe Troncale on October 04, 2022

The latest propaganda that unfortunately is working pretty well on people is the guilt by association myth. Though Jesus warned us to “stop judging by mere appearance and make a right judgment,” guilt by association trains us to judge by mere appearances. The false assumptions we are coerced into making are based on external factors and not content of character. Here are a couple of examples:

  • If you are a Christian, you are therefore “exclusive.” 
  • If you are Pro-life, you hate women.
  • If you are a certain ethnicity, you are by definition, harboring racist attitudes. 
  • If you are for legal immigration, you are xenophobic.
  • If you are heterosexual, you are homophobic.

The assumptions are false, but if you accept their premise, you’re essentially without defense against their slander. Here’s the truth: the assumptions people make about you are not necessarily true. In fact, they are rarely completely true. Only you know your own incentives and ambitions. Only you will stand before God and be judged for your deeds and motivations. God alone sees the aim of your heart. 

Many Christians are being put on the defensive by individuals, corporations, employers, politicians, and others who have economic and legal power to tell you what you should and should not say. More dangerously, these same people are making assumptions about what you think and are demanding that you alter your behavior based on their prejudices about you.

Those making the assumptions have, in many cases, been given the legal and moral latitude to hire and fire you, decide whether you get a research grant, whether you get into a certain school, or determine whether you are a decent person. Even pastors in Canada and California, for example, are being threatened for what is said in the pulpit about sexual politics if it differs from “Woke” or “Progressive” party lines. What should our response be?

We have examples of both Jesus, standing on trial before Pilate, and Paul, standing accused before King Agrippa. Neither consented to any lie, argument, or accusation; they only acknowledged truth. They listened to truth and to the Holy Spirit. Their response to a coercive system gives us a precedent to know how to respond to our own peculiar circumstances.

If people are accusing us of what we are thinking or what is in our heart, and if it is not true, we do not have to agree with false assumptions or false accusations. If we say something that is scriptural, but which others may define as hateful or immoral, be confident that God’s Word is true and not the radical redefinition of morality.

Just like the Holy Spirit gave Paul words to speak before Agrippa, he will give you the right words when you are under fire. You are not “automatically” guilty of anything—except original sin of course, and any sins you’ve committed, which Christ has forgiven.

Propaganda is training people into believing that their prejudices about you are correct. This is a lie.

Understand what the issues are that you are being accused of, but also understand that accusation is the ministry of Satan, not God. Jesus came to save you, not condemn you (John 3:17). When you are walking under Jesus’ atonement God does not accuse you. You do not need to accept false accusations, or even explain yourself. You can simply refuse to accept their slandering premise. If God is your authority, then God is your judge and not man. No man can know your heart, and no one can find you guilty of something Christ has said you are absolved of through his cleansing blood. 

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