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God Is On The Move!

by Dwane Reitz on May 16, 2023

Lives are being touched, healed, and transformed through the power of Jesus. Here are just a few accounts of God’s Spirit flowing through some of Petra’s missionaries and global partners…

Alan & Carol Wert (Wales)

In Cardiff, God is moving in the local community and among the nations. On Easter Sunday, a married couple from our small group was baptized along with two women who found the Lord through the Food Pantry Ministry of our local church: An Iraqi woman from a Muslim background and a Nigerian woman studying for her master’s degree.

Bruce & Joyce Heckman (USA):

God is doing a lot in our midst as we work with refugees. A newly arrived Muslim family has a daughter with extreme medical needs who must stay at a specialty hospital. The father called, asking if our group could pray for these needs. For him to reach out to us for prayer is a breakthrough! God also arranged divine connections through our team to provide a prosthetic hand for a Syrian refugee family member living in Turkey.

Trevor & Leah Derr (Indonesia):

God is revealing Himself to the spiritually hungry. Recently, a tourist opened up and said she was searching for the truth. She happily took a Bible, started studying it, and now wants to get baptized! There was also a local woman who recently opened up about her struggles, received prayer, and decided to give her life to Jesus! She said she felt something fill her as we prayed. Praise God!

Brad Ortenzi (USA):

Recently, I witnessed how God is both a fierce warrior who rescues and a tender daddy who restores. During a local rescue, an undercover detective snatched a young girl from the hands of a trafficker. The girl, weeping and obviously scared and confused, was then greeted with nurturing arms and unconditional love by ZOE advocates. I’ve been doing this work for a while and have grown callous to the hardships, but the sheer beauty of this caused me to choke back tears.

Arlen & Keturah King (USA & Globally):

In January, Arlen spent a week in Peru training a group of Peruvian leaders. These leaders are working in 30 of Peru’s largest cities to remote indigenous villages in the interior. Now, with our help, they are expanding to other nations such as Venezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador. To God be the glory!

Randy & Bonnie Martin (Kenya):

We are seeing healing, salvation, and people set free. One of the amazing things that we are seeing at new levels is how people are being encouraged through our ministry. The church is growing and being encouraged. We believe God is preparing us for a major revival and move of his Spirit like we've not seen before here in Kenya and around the world. Thank you for your support!

Joe & Jeniece Kingman (USA):

As we disciple this generation through YWAM Orlando, we are seeing God use them in incredible ways! One of our students was on outreach to Africa and led a 60-year-old woman to the Lord. She was also blind in one eye. As we prayed for her, we watched the film disappear—she was healed of both her spiritual and physical blindness!

Dr. Theresa Newell (USA & Globally):

Recently, Christian leaders from Jewish, Muslim, and Arab backgrounds and expatriates gathered in a Mideast capital to pray for one another and to strategize for Gospel outreach in bringing relief to Turkish earthquake victims. In Singapore, I met with persons sending workers to parts of Southeast Asia and Nepal where churches are proliferating. Teams also are being trained in U.S. churches through CMJ (Church’s Ministry among Jewish People) to share the Gospel with Jewish people.

Tina Moore (Guatemala):

I sensed God leading me to host a retreat for teen girls that participated in the Steps of Hope program. Guatemalan female friends that I invited to serve as chaperones for the retreat each shared how God was working in their hearts to give back and do more in ministering to young girls. As I said “Yes” to God’s leading to host a retreat, God moved and opened opportunities for others to say “Yes” and serve as well!

Marta Estrada (Colombia):

The Lord is doing a new thing here in Medellin, Colombia. I am reaching street girls and seeing the Lord heal them from hurts. We also have an after-school ministry for children where they come to do homework and have Bible lessons. Their parents are grateful to our ministry, and for the good behavioral changes they are seeing in their children.

JC Ebersole (Africa):

AABS (Africa Association of Bible Schools) is finding a strong passion for theological training among Christians in southern Africa. Our Botswana National Director’s plan is to establish Bible Schools in all parts of Botswana, including the remotest areas of the country. He recently traveled across his country to introduce AABS training materials to 50 church leaders in the Kalahari Desert region.

Mario & Jeanette Araya (Costa Rica):

Peniel Ministries’ pastors and churches in Costa Rica are sharing the Gospel in their communities. In recent months, more people have surrendered their lives to Jesus, proclaiming him as their Lord and Savior. The power of the Holy Spirit is moving in the churches, and people are taking steps of obedience to the word of God and getting baptized. We appreciate your prayers for our pastors and churches in Costa Rica.

Praise God for the ways he is moving! How do you see him at work where you live?


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