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Champion of Justice

by Brian Flewelling on November 14, 2023

So often, our Christian perspective of God’s judgment is one of fear and terror. The psalms contrarily present a refreshing view of the Lord’s judgments. The Divine Judge is the defender and rescuer of the oppressed. He is the champion of justice. After all, it was difficult for the small man to get his case heard. With no power or privilege, his rights were easily neglected or subverted. And this is why we too can celebrate: God will “judge” the people rightly; “defend the cause of the widows” (Psalms 68:5); “defend the poor” (Psalm 72:2); “help all the meek upon earth” (Psalm 76:9); all the helpless people whose wrongs have not been righted.

Have you ever been in a sports game where every single call seemed to favor the opposing team? The fans and players begin to develop a mounting sense of outrage. The referee is supposed to be the neutral arbitrator of the rules. But when the referee seems to become partisan, our sense of injustice is provoked.

In the ancient world, the psalmist pictured himself not as the criminal on trial but as the oppressed plaintiff in a civil case hoping for relief from oppression. The fact that God is a just judge should be a source of rejoicing for all. The psalmist says he is flawless in his judgments. Isaiah 51:5 says his, “righteousness draws near speedily, my salvation is on the way, and my arm will bring justice to the nations.” What a blessed hope.

God does not expect people to be perfect. And he is merciful to those who repent and desire to do what’s right. What a blessing it is to have a just and fair Father who loves all of his children but who protects all through his justice. He sees the case clearly. He weighs the thoughts and motives. He discerns the situation. He listens to the reports. He sees all things perfectly and, acts wisely, and knows exactly how to balance his justice and his mercy.

Our great hope is in a Champion of Justice who will redeem the suffering in the world and stop evil. That hope is coming, and he is flawless. Lift up your heads and hear the hymn of heaven singing. “Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for true and just are his judgments.” Revelation 19:1-2

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