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7 Ways to Share Your Faith

by Brian Flewelling on February 13, 2024

There can be few things more intimidating than sharing your faith with people, especially because American culture has done a good job of making the secular market a hostile space for religion. “Keep your beliefs to yourself” is the prevailing ethos.  

It doesn’t have to be that hard. I recently heard this thought, “The gospel should be appealing to those who need it, not to those who speak it.” We are not trying to force our way of life onto people; we are sharing Jesus in ways that others are receptive to and hungry for. So here are a few simple ideas.  

1. Share Your Testimony 

I don’t mean a thirty-minute story. I mean, a strategic sentence that ties into what your friend is dealing with in life. Something like, “When my husband and I were struggling in our marriage, Jesus really gave us an anchor and a hope.” Or, “I’ve found talking to God really helps me process hard times.” Or, “You know, I’ve tried drugs, sex, and success, but I’ve found that nothing brings lasting peace like Jesus.” What is your testimony, and how can it open people to answers they were looking for?   

2. Ask Strategic Questions  

Again, without trying to destroy, trap, or embarrass people, can we use questions that help them think for themselves? Some people go through life repeating what they’ve heard others say or stuck in their own bad ideas. The goal is to help them think for themselves or wrestle in new ways with old arguments or old information. The key to this strategy is in your candor and wisdom. Don’t be afraid to gently steer people through questions or objections they have. But you also need to know the answers you’re leading them towards, or at least the mind ruts you are leading them away from. Here are a few questions: “How can you be sure?”  “How do you know that?” “Have you ever thought about about…?” “How do you explain...?” 

3. Attach Good Deeds to Jesus 

When we live a lifestyle of “good deeds” and serving others, it should naturally open channels of gratitude in people’s lives. That is an opportunity to connect them to the generosity of Jesus. We are not seeking to be praised for helping this person out, we just want them to know that our love comes from Jesus. 

Your response to their gratitude shouldn’t sound gimmicky or like they owe you something. We are connecting our good deeds to Jesus. Maybe a phrase like, “Well, I think that people/you are valuable, and Jesus did that for me, so the least I can do is show his kindness to you.” Find something that works for you, but be ready when that window of opportunity presents itself.   

4. Stand Up for Your Values 

When we have convictions about issues, it will certainly drive some people crazy. It often makes them feel conscious about the misdeeds they are doing, or worse off, that your convictions are judging them. But if we calmly and unyieldingly show people that boundaries and convictions are to protect people, we will lead some people to the truth. And some people will see the reasonability of “shooting straight” with them. Having boundaries in a society that has no moral convictions takes courage. 

“No, I’m not going to steal with you; that’s wrong.” “I don’t like people talking bad behind my back, so I don’t want to talk about others behind their back.” “Yes, abortion is murder. Even the scientists are clear that human life begins at conception. We can find other ways to support women without harming the voiceless baby.” I’ve certainly lost a few friends this way, but I’ve also gained respect for standing up for principles. Some people will appreciate that you’re honest and that you stand for something other than self-interest. 

5. Pray for Healing 

God gives us more tools than just human logic and reason. He also gives us supernatural power. He told the disciples to “Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Cleanse those who have leprosy.” We can foster an attitude of faith and courage to see sickness as an opportunity for God to advertise his compassion. If you’ve never prayed for healing before, it will require faith and humility at the same time: faith to believe God wants to heal people and humility to know that sometimes he doesn’t always heal immediately, and that’s ok. 

If you see someone in your workplace with pain, such as a knee issue or a bad back, ask the Holy Spirit for the courage and faith to pray for them. Obviously, if you’re going to pray for people publicly, your faith in Jesus should already be a living force in your life. Sometimes, I’ll preface the conversation with someone, “Hey Mike, I know this may sound strange, but I believe that God still heals people because he loves us. Could I pray for you right now that God would heal your back?” First, ask for their permission. Then, keep your prayer brief, maybe two to three sentences. Believe, by faith, that it’s not your prayers but God’s loving power that heals. You may be delightfully surprised when and how he decides to intervene.  

6. Share a ‘Word of Encouragement’ 

Another supernatural gift God gives his disciples is the gift of prophecy or word of knowledge. 1 Corinthians 2 says, "we have been given the mind of Christ." The Holy Spirit helps us think God’s thoughts. He wants to encourage people and let them know he loves them—"the kingdom of heaven is near.” Listen to what the Holy Spirit might be sharing with you, and then discern the best time and how to share those thoughts with others. Again, we are not trying to preach or sound churchy--"thus saith the Lord.” It should sound very non-threatening and natural: “You know, I was praying for you the other day, and I just really had this impression that God was saying...(fill in the blank)…“I’m proud of you.” Or “Don’t be afraid. I want to take care of you.” Or, “Trust me, and ask me for help. But I need you to be careful and choose well in this situation.” God is generous in using his words of comfort and correction. And you can be a prayerful conduit for speaking life into other people.  

7. Invite Someone to an Event 

You may be surprised that people are often more open to exploring faith and spirituality than you thought. Depending on how curious or hungry they are, they may want to know what the Bible actually says and may be open to coming to a small Bible Study. Or maybe their family would love to send their kids to VBS for a week. Or, an invitation to come with you to a church service is what they need to feel comfortable in a new environment. Or, maybe they’re not ready for a faith-centered event, but they are hungry for a community of “men” or “women” that is fun to hang out with and cares about them. Consider inviting them to a Guys' Night Out event or just hanging out with you and your friends for an evening at home. Taking the initiative and inviting people into our lives is a simple way to expand our relational networks to include those who are still exploring faith.  


If Jesus is a dynamic part of your life, people shouldn’t be surprised when you share your faith in these ways. We are giving people opportunities, but also with permission to decline. Don’t forget that the greatest advantage you have is to pray for people and ask God to open the doors to their hearts. Only he can do that. Then, with discernment, faith, courage, and humility, all you need to do is be ready when the opportunity arises!

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