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Leading Through Teams

Maximize // Achieve // Succeed

Healthy teams multiply a leader’s effectiveness and unite more people to fulfill the mission. In these conversations Pastor Brian and Dr Coles will walk through some of the leadership principles written about in Patrick Lencioni and John Maxwell’s books. What are the 5 Dysfunctions of a team, and how do we avoid them? What does an ideal team player look like? What are some of the character traits you want to instill in your team members to maximize your team’s potential?  

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Fall Teaching Series

September 16 - November 4

Without God, we all drift.  We're pulled towards pleasures, towards achievement or power, towards fulfillment in a relationship or having more things.  Though these things temporarily capture our attention, they never deeply quench the thirst of the human soul!

God designed you to be satisfied in Him!  One leader has said, "Sin is what you do when you're not satisfied in God." 

This inciteful study helps you identify seven lies we believe, and to find abundance life and deep fulfillment in God!

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