At Men of Iron, we believe mentorship is most effective through a 1-to-1 or micro group setting. That’s why we created STRONG27™ – a mentorship experience that provides the tools and training needed for mentors and proteges to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finance.

Strong27™ was founded on the concept of a mentor and protege meeting face-to-face to experience accountability, balance and spiritual growth. Whether it is 1-to-1 or a Micro-Group, face-to-face mentorships provide the best opportunity to KNOW GOD, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE and KNOW EACH OTHER.

Mentors and Proteges meet 2X's per month at a place and time that works for their schedules. There are 2 options for both Mentors and Protégés to join Men of Iron STRONG27.

  • Mentors choose their Protégé(s) for one-to-one mentorship or a Micro-Group or a Mentor is paired with a Micro-group.
  • Protégés choose their Mentor for one-to-one mentorship or join a Micro-Group established by Petra STRONG27. 

Each Mentor and Protege will get a STRONG27 Kit that includes all the Mentorship Tools. The cost of the Kit is $100 for each Mentor and each Protégé. In addition, there will also be quarterly training sessions throughout the year, and a graduation. 


2020 Registration is open NOW. If you have any questions please contact the PETRA STRONG27 Director  The Men of Iron STRONG27 Training Camp is on Saturday, March 28, 8 a.m. at Petra Church. 





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