Church is a community of people we belong to, not an event we attend. It is our hope at Petra every follower of Jesus becomes a vibrant part of a our church family.

The Belong journey is a series that will help you connect into our Petra church family. Whether you're a new believer, new attender, or have been coming to Petra for some time, we are committed to helping you fully connect to Jesus and to other people. We hope every person at Petra will do these five things: connect, grow, serve, partner, and understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Attending all five Belong topics will also help you partner with the vision we are pursuing together and to take practical steps to grow in each of these important areas.


Summer Times: Classes are available every Sunday in June, July, and August: 
2nd Service Only:  11:30 AM- 12:15 PM 

Fall/Winter Times: Classes are available every Sunday in September to May:
1st Service:  9:30 - 10:15 AM 
2nd Service:  11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Location: Oasis – Student Life Center

Sign Up:  No sign up necessary.  Just show up.

Amenities: There will be some food, childcare, interaction with pastors, and relationship building.

1st Sunday - CONNECT
- Developing close friendships with those around you is key to growing spiritually and connecting with your church family. In this group we will help you discover the different short-term and ongoing Petra Groups, as well as the different resources, care, and relational environments at Petra.

2nd Sunday - GROW
- This class will help you grow in three core areas: as a new believer, as a mature believer, and as a leader. You’ll learn how to begin a relationship, or help others in their new faith. You'll also learn about water baptism, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the five life-long habits of every believer. And finally, you’ll discover our leadership pathways for those wanting to develop their leadership gifting.



3rd Sunday - SERVE – The Bible teaches that every member of the church community has gifts and talents necessary for building up the rest of the community. In this class we want to help you find your best fit by discovering how God combines your unique gifts, personality, and purpose. You’ll also hear about the many opportunities to serve at Petra.



4th Sunday - PARTNER – Learn about Petra’s history, why we exist, the things we’re passionate about, and how you can contribute. Your local church is where you belong and can contribute to its growth. When you know where we came from and where we’re going, you can engage purposefully and partner with your church family in all aspects of church life and vision. 






5th Sunday -
UNDERSTANDING THE MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – Take a look with us at the scriptures and watch how Jesus' first disciples interacted with the Holy Spirit.  Their relationship provides a template for how we can relate to the Holy Spirit.  This simple truth has a profound impact on how we interact with one another and how we do ministry here at Petra.

Read more about the beauty of the spiritual language here.

Attend the class live, or watch the video.

Download the Holy Spirit Class Notes here.

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