Winter Sermon Series:

January 31 - March 7

 An Invitation to God’s Healing Journey

You are valuable to God. That’s more than a theology, it’s a truth you can personally experience. So often however, family culture, personal habits, religion, painful memories, and incorrect thinking can convince us to believe and act differently. We don’t even realize certain inaccurate beliefs we have about God or ourselves that influence our emotions, motivations, and habits. Learn to identify the lies you’ve unknowingly believed and experience freedom and love on an entirely new level. You’ll be surprised how much more fulfilling life and faith is once you’ve experienced breakthrough in these key areas.

Week 1: Father Heart of God

Week 2: Who We Are in Christ

Week 3: Lie verses Truth

Week 4: Letting Go of Offense

Week 5: Sexual Identity

Week 6: Becoming the Healer

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