Fall Sermon Series:

September 19 - November 7

This is who we are.

All the parts of an engine or an organization need to be strategically positioned and working together towards a common goal. So what are the non-negotiable passions and convictions that bring us together in the Petra community? What essential ingredients strengthen our resolve towards our common mission? By clarifying our essential values we can focus on forming habits that shape our diverse lives, families, church community, and the world around us towards our common mission.

Week 1: Devotion to Jesus

Week 2: Living in Community

Week 3: Serving Jesus and Serving Others

Week 4: Partnering with the Holy Spirit

Week 5: Sharing Jesus and Serving Others

Week 6: Worshipping God through His Word and through Prayer

Week 7: Helping People Heal

Week 8: Partnership

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