Winter Sermon Series:  February 2 - March 8

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The world is full of half-truths and partial lies. Even in the Church there are voices advocating for you to live, practice, and believe certain ideas that aren’t always healthy or Christ-like. How do we discern what to listen to and who to trust? We want to give you six tests that will help you filter fact from fiction, and what is true from what is “true-ish.” Eph 4:14

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The Six Tests

WEEK 1: Scripture Test – Do they affirm the authority of Scripture? 

7 Characteristics of Liberal Christianity Defense of the Authority in Scriptures
What is the Authority of Scripture? Young People's View
What Scriptures Claim What the First Church Believed
What Jesus Believed

WEEK 2: Scripture Interpretation Test – Are they misinterpreting scripture to make it say what they want? (Are they willing to listen to the full council of the Scriptures?)

How Do I Interpret the Bible How Do I Study the Bible
Principles of Biblical Interpretation

WEEK 3: Orthodoxy in Community Test – Do they encourage walking faith out in community with others willing to surrender to God’s truths?

WEEK 4: The Jesus Test – Does this teaching, belief, or practice contradict the life of Jesus?

WEEK 5: The Self-Empowerment Test – Does this encourage me to rely on self or to rely on Jesus?

WEEK 6: Spiritual Accountability Test - Am I willing to be corrected by spiritual community?

Weekly Content:  Weekly discussion questions and content will be added below.

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