Sunday Morning Prayer

All are welcome to pray for the services on Sunday mornings at 10 AM in the Prayer Room. Led by Ed Eby and Ken Renno.

Moms In Prayer on Mondays

The focus is on our local schools, both elementary and middle/high schools. Meets in the Student Life Center and Welcome Center from 9-10 AM. Led by Mandy Hershey and Pam Esh

Men's Monday Prayer Group

Joe Smucker will lead this prayer group in the Prayer Room from 6-7 AM. The focus is on church, community, and God's Kingdom. 

Men's Tuesday Prayer Group

At 5:30 AM Ryan Martin leads this group in the Prayer Room with the focus on families, community and church.

Warring Women of Zion

Three ladies lead this group in the Prayer Room on Tuesdays from 9-11 AM. The focus is on women, youth, addictions, and revival. The style combines worship and intercession.

EastGate House of Prayer (EHOP)

Everyone is invited on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM to the Oasis. The focus is on personal and regional transformation and revival. Led by Kara Sensenig. Childcare is provided through age 7.

Wednesday Prayer Group

Ashlee Martin and Susan Miller lead this group who pray for America, the nations, harvest, and revival from 5:30-7:30 AM in the Prayer Room.

Thursday Prayer Group

Joe Smucker and Matt Kauffman meet in the Oasis from 5:30-7:30 AM to pray for regional revival and addictions.

Friday Prayer Group

Ashlee Martin and Susan Miller meet in the Prayer Room from 5:30-7:30 AM to pray for Petra, our community, region, and Jesus as first love.

Saturday Evening Group

Join in an evening of powerful prayer with the Elders and Pastors from 8-9 PM in the Sanctuary.

E-Prayer & Website Requests

Pray for specific needs of Petra's congregation or for people all over the world in confidence and in your own home.

Altar Team Members

Pray with people after the Sunday morning services. Before serving you will need to complete the Belong Journey, become a member of Petra Church, fill out an application, and meet with a Prayer Vision Team Member.

Intercessors for Cleansing Stream

Intercede at home or on-site for the Cleansing Stream participants while the seminar is in session and at the One-Day Event. Before serving you must go through CS as a participant. There is further training to serve at the Event.

 Contact Lisa Hurst 

For more information about these prayer opportunities

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